The multi- award winning Cinnamon Travelling Cafe are not just your average caterers. With an eclectic Indian and Caribbean background, we offer more than just sensational ethnic style taste; we offer you a true experience into artisan street and fusion food.   

Depending on which explosion of flavours you would like your soul and belly to rejoice in, you can choose from our Indian & Asian Rebel Buddha Range or our Caribbean Rum Drunk Sista Range - or better still mix both and try our Cinnamon Fusioneer menus!    

All our ranges can be suitable for gluten, nut, diary and even carb free, and we provide a full vegan menu.        

Everything we make adheres to the superfood concept. Nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Fresh home ground superspices are roasted in coconut oils and we use a range of seasonal and high quality ingredients. Sweet potatoes, pulses, leafy vegetables, coconut and high quality slow coooked meats provide you with a healthier option than most other Indian and Caribbean choices.

No matter what type of event you are planning, Cinnamon Travelling Cafe can come to you. We can travel anywhere with our pop up kitchen and provide our unique food for any corporate event, lunch, home dining, private party or festival. See our services or events pages for more information.  

So are you Team Rebel Buddha, Team Rum Drunk Sista or a Cinnamon Fusioneer?  

Let your belly and soul decide!




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